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창의생산 연구실 (Innovative Manufacturing Lab)에서는 3D 프린팅, 하이브리드 가공, 마이크로-나노 가공과 같은 첨단 가공공정의 개발에 관한  연구를 수행하고, 다양한 공정에 대한 이해와 경험을 기능성 소자, 마이크로 로봇, 의료기기와 같은 다양한 응용 분야에 적용하기 위한 방법을 연구합니다.

Innovative Manufacturing

To develop advanced fabrication technologies to overcome the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes.

  • Hybrid Manufacturing, 3D printing, Focused Ion Beam process

Functional Materials

To explore unique properties of functional/smart materials in micro-/nanoscale.

  • Shape memory alloys, Piezoelectric materials, Biological composite

Creative Design

To maximize the functionality or capability of materials/applications through creative design.

  • Origami/Kirigami based design, Compliant structure, Bio-inspired design


To combine manufacturing, materials, and design knowledges to utilize at small scale devices for various applications,

  • Micro-actuators, Sensors, Biomedical devices

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